Chapter 1 2009 – 2 years ago

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May 24 The cruise ship sailed on the sea. Alexander Smith could see his future house, the house that he would spend a decade in. He also saw the lovely beach and all the happy children. Alex knew he would like long beach. After he smelt the lovely, fresh air, Alex heard the stomping of […]


The Hercules Baboon Spider

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I crouch as silent as night, I overlook the city, The city where I lost my friend, My heart burned with anger the more I think, They don’t know I exist, I don’t know if I exist, My cautious head turned back slightly, My species on the brink of extinction, They took everything, Our land, […]

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I threw the phone on the floor and tumbled back. “Hey! Why did you throw it? The phones priceless!”I slowly approached the rusty phone and answered with a small whimper. “You are, still one the mission aren’t you Oscar.E.Lott?” I picked up the phone and afterwards replied. “Err, yeah…” Commander Leads fell silent for a […]

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sky isles part2

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While deciding to make a small camp next to the river, I scavenged through my bag trying to find something useful. After throwing out an orange flashlight, a box of scrap metal and a 4 by 4 Rubik cube, I found a small, old book lying at the very bottom of the bag. Just as […]



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A flicker of light burst around the sky following a gigantic, spectacular explosion spreading around the whole observable sky. There appeared a large, pizza-shaped island covered in beautiful trees and sweet, emerald-slick grass. Although the sky island was as magnificent as a rainbow hummingbird, it emitted bright light which then separated it into 8 hex-shaped […]


trouble of adventures chapter 5 part 1, teleport me

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Chapter 5 “Run! The machine thingy’s exploding!”bits of steel whizzed through the air while scraps of wires burned through the wall. “I don’t think it could hold much longer! Screamed Oscar “It’s like a nuke!” The base of the eye collapsed into thin air as the burning foundation gave way to the creaking pillars. Suddenly, […]


planète extinction

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par john PLANET ZECIUS Larry attentivement ôta le couvercle de cyber pour voir une boule de fils enveloppés autour d’un autre cylindre en acier . Il prudemment démêlé les fils avant de prendre un ouvre-boîte et l’ouvrit. Là, dans le cylindre était une petite cellule , violet de puissance . Avant qu’il pourrait même toucher […]


Paranormal Murder chapter 1

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The old mansion Just looking at the old mansion up at the hill struck fear down their spines. Number 13 Holescart Street it was built on. No one ever wanted to buy it, even with the price of £2. We lived right next to the house, staring at it every day from school. Looking at […]


Paranormal murder – Preview

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Preview, Nothing was better than a nice, cool drink and a spot on the comfy sofa. But that was not going to happen today, maybe someday, but definitely not today. Because something was going to happen, something big and not what you would want to do. And that, my friend, will be shown now but […]


Trouble of adventure Chapter 4, school

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It was… well, the first paper was the information about the people. This company is called Distructionis which is a secret organisation to destroy certain objects such as the statue of liberty and the moon. They conquer these objects so that the presidents, prime ministers, kings and queens would be forced to give up their […]

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