Trouble of adventure, chapter 1 The sign

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I was walking down the road. Ok, I was swiftly strolling down the dusty road. Oscar, my brother, was sitting next to me. “Oi! Joseph, come here. I’ve got something. I peeked into Oscar’s hand. There was a dead rat. Oscar’s fascinated with animals, big or small, dead or alive. This time, he spotted a rat. A dead one. We were walking back home from a long school day, from homework to detention. He looked at it more closely. “Hey! it has a wire stuck on it!” he shouted. I watched him as he took the wire off and we both stared at it. There was a sign. It had a question mark and a toxic sign on it. We both knew it was dangerous. I took a small stick and put it on the tip so we wouldn’t get hurt.
As we were walking home, I saw a sign. Just the same as the sign we saw on the wire. I grabbed Oscars shoulder and told him to keep quiet.
“What the!?!”
“Keep quiet Oscar”
He saw the sign on the gate. We froze in horror as we looked at the sign. “Whoa” Whispered Oscar. I had to agree, it was shocking to look at the two signs. “Let’s go in!” grinned Oscar. I kicked his leg and said “No, we must find one of the maps that show us what that thing is in the treasure chest”. We ran home as quickly as possible, opening the door as we went in the house. Dad immediately stopped us from getting to the attic. We both showed him our angry faces as we raced past him. After Jumping up into the attic and landing on the old mattress, I found a key and unlocked the chest. Oscar helped me to open the heavy chest. We searched through the mountain of maps until we saw the map with the sign on and the building.
I ran forward despite the amount of maps falling on me. Oscar took a look of the dusty map. I admit, it was dusty, very dusty. He had to take a big blow before most of the dust came off. We could see a gate with barbed wires on and a stone path leading to an iron door. Then, the map was ripped. We could only see up to the door, we also saw hidden mines. “This could help us to get to the door”. I ran to my room picking up my spy back pack. In it were my spy goggles, a knife, a dart gun, and my satellite. We ran downstairs. Oscar filled up the water bottles while I made some sandwiches. Dad stared at us as if we were trying to escape. “where do you think you’re going?” said Dad.
Dad always took care of us. Our mother went to Australia to try and dig back here. She’s been there for ages, ever since we were three to four years old. Well, back to dad. He’s always taken care of us, even when we were angry. Sometimes though, he gets angry with us now and then. He has a job of engineering. He loves it. Always in a good mood when he’s doing it. Today was his turn to stay at home. Once, we played on my Xbox 360 all morning. I got detention because I didn’t do my homework. Well, he’s a happy chap. We have enough money to feed ourselves.
Back to the story,
We couldn’t answer that question. Then, Oscar did an I-know-a-cool-excuse-to-tell-dad-and-he-won’t-even-notice-it-is-an-excuse smile. While Oscar and dad talked to each other, I crept outside and ran to the gate. After a few minutes, Oscar arrived. “So, what did you tell him?” I said. “I said that we were going to explore and look for some interesting insects” he said. My heart beated as I smashed the lock. The gate opened.
To be continued

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