Trouble of adventure CHAPTER 3, the plan of destruction

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The plan, an enormous shuttle armed with a giant laser. The laser pointed to the moon. I gulped. “Oscar! They’re going to blast the moon to pieces!” I screamed. I stared at the large paper. It was actually a letter.

Thomas wastron
Pigbill close
Unknown land
Sr4 7h1

Dear Mr. Hilton,
I would like to inform you about the progress of the shuttle. It is nearly done. The workers only need to make the engine and fit in the laser. Other than that, the shuttle is all going to plan. The laser will need a syrcalmock drive to make it work. We have found a location where there is a powerful syrcalmock drive.
The location is at the building site near Glasgow. Be there, we have to hurry. The moon will be in the right place at 7:45 at Friday.

Thomas wastron,

“It’s Wednesday today!” we shouted. We packed our bags, “Oscar, you go to Thomas wastron’s house and I’ll go to the building site in Glasgow.” I said. “OK Joseph” said Oscar. We ran outside and that’s where we slpit. We were going to meet at the pub.

Continue of chapter 3, Joseph’s adventure,
I ran to the road and got a taxi. It was quite boring waiting in the taxi but it was ok. Once I reached the building site. I jumped off the taxi and slammed the door. I peered through the fence and saw a huge battery on the floor.
That was the syrcalmock drive. I took my knife and cut through the fence. Then, a builder stared at me. Then, other builders stared at me. I had a bad feeling about it. After a few minutes, they started chasing me! I ran into a nearby shop. I huddled in a jumper to hide me. I heard a few builders step inside and look for me. I heard one say “He’s not in here, maybe on the other one” while I held my breath. When they were gone, I took a great sigh. As I opened the door, the builders were not in sight. I raced to where the hole was then climbed through.

I slid down to reach the drive. While grabbing the syrcalmock drive, I pulled as hard as I could. It took me ten minutes to move it a centimetre. I was about to give up but then I saw a crane. I hopped inside and pulled some switches. It took the drive up and into the sewers. That would have held it off. I took the taxi again and went straight to the pub.

Continue of chapter 3, Oscar’s adventure,
So, sneaking into a house would be awesome, but do not try this ever, I’m only doing this because I’m trying to save the world. Now, I arrived at his house. I sneaked into the basement and looked around. I then tiptoed upstairs; I heard Mr. Hilton and Thomas wastron talking to each other. They were saying about the crime in the Concrete building…

“There was a commotion”
“What commotion?”
“Someone broke into the building and stole the blueprints!”
“We must find it or the plan to destroy the moon will be over!”

. I crawled pass them and found an office. There was thousands of paper. I took two pieces of paper and took a look at the laptop. Immediately, Thomas walked into the office. I grabbed the laptop and Jumped through the window. I landed in a pile of leaves. As fast as I could, I raced to the pub.
They were catching up with me, I jumped over a fence and raced down the hill. I stopped and hid inside a crate. They looked around. Then, they left. I jumped up and ran to the pub

Near end of chapter 3, together
We had never seen anything like it .We ate our sandwiches while looking at it. The papers contained very special information. It was…
To be continued

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