Trouble of adventure Chapter 4, school

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It was… well, the first paper was the information about the people.
This company is called Distructionis which is a secret organisation to destroy certain objects such as the statue of liberty and the moon. They conquer these objects so that the presidents, prime ministers, kings and queens would be forced to give up their power and hand it over to them. This company is super dangerous. This company is also responsible for the major crimes happening in Russia and India. Furthermore, this company has led to the death of the king of Atlantis. Disructionis has to be stopped.

The second paper had a diagram of the laser; it said that the weakness of the laser was its connection between the shuttle and the laser. I looked at Oscar, and then we knew what was going on. We looked at the sky, it was getting dark. “Well, it’s only Wednesday” I said. We strolled home upon the dusty road. I also had other troubles, school.

The next day was very surprising. Oscar fell out of the bed and landed on me. The clock rang and fell into my water. The water spilled out of the jug and onto the radiator. The radiator made a loud boom and started bursting fire. I ran downstairs and grabbed my breakfast. Dad ran in. “what’s happened!” “I don’t know!” I said. A huge fireball flew down the stairs. “The house is collapsing!” Dad screamed. We ran upstairs and found Oscar dialling the firemen.

“Firemen! The house is on fire!” said Oscar. There was fire everywhere. I jumped over some fire and went into my bedroom. I clutched my bag with everything in it and threw it into my safe. Dad ran downstairs and told us to go outside. I also clutched the safe. The fire brigades reach the house and pulled the hose pipe. Water zoomed out of the pipe and into the window. I sneeked out to school. I grabbed my bags while Oscar grabbed his. We took a small path near the school. The bell hadn’t rang yet.

Austin was there, he was my arch enemy. He always makes me a fool of me. Every time I go near him, he either throws me in the mud or punches me, always beating me up every time. I tried to avoid him but he saw me. His face and the gang was enough to make me fall on the floor and act like a scared cat. He grabbed me on the shoulder and pulled me up. He was very strong, he goes to gym every weekend and trains every day. Then, he shot his tongue and threw me. I skidded but managed to land on my feet. “Rrrr! I’ll get my hands on you idiot!” he shouted. I ran through the corridor and into my class. The teacher was there. When Austin saw the teacher, he ran away.

“What are you doing here?” asked Miss Johnson. “I was being chased by Austin” I answered.” Very well, stay here until the others come, the bell’s going to ring anyway”. After a few seconds. I saw a crowd of kids racing down the corridor. I sat down. The second person to sit down was Oscar.

The first lesson was math, I loved math. We had to find out b squared times by 73 equals 267341. Austin stared at me through the whole lesson. Next were some other subjects then dinner. I sat down with my two best friends, Charlotte and matt. They were my best friends since we were in nursery. “So, what’s going on?” asked charlotte. Then, at that moment, Oscar came to the table and said we had a great adventure. We both told them how we had a close one against the tall thin man and the plan to trash the syrcalmock drive.

“That is the Distructionis“replied matt. “They forced my dad to go to their jail”. “You can help us” said Oscar. They both stood up and replied yes. We all talked about matt’s dad.
“So, where did they put your dad?” I said. “In jail, at their secret base. I know where it is though”. “I have an electric key which can change into any key” said charlotte. We all hatched a plan to save matt’s dad.
At the end of school, we followed matt to a secret corridor. It led to a small air vent.
While in the small air vent, we heard a crackle, then a bump. The air vent then began to bend. We all fell out. A small map was beside us.

All the worlds short cuts:

One from Dublin to Canada, go into boldcross roundabout. From USA to secret base of Distructionis, basement of the statue of liberty. London to USA, go to London eye electric system.

We ran back home and pleaded our dad to go and see the London eye. Then, he decided. He said ok. We took dad car to go to the eye. I saw the beautiful London eye as it turned around. I carefully held my back pack tight and walked to the basement of the London eye. There were thousands of wires. I went passed a few until we saw the door. I connected a few wires into the door. I then heard someone calling my name.

I went up and saw dad. I told him everything and he agreed to join but come back before tomorrow. I didn’t tell him though about the space shuttle, laser and destruction of the moon. I told charlotte, matt and Oscar about it. We entered the door and we saw…

To be continued

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