Intergalactic mission – Chapter 1

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The sky was dark and the wind was blowing silently. I saw the bright moon shine across the night sky. The beautiful sight of the sky made me wonder about what was beyond our solar system. I felt happier as the stars brighten the sky. My brain was filled with excitement as I tucked under my blanket, I knew tomorrow was going to be different.
I woke up to the fall of the book. It was Tuesday and I had to hurry up or I was going to be late for school. I ran across the road and I took the shortcut. When I arrived, the bell rang. I was just in time. “We are going on a school trip to NASA today so behave children” Mr Hench said. “We must be going now children”. I hated it when Mr Hench called us children. He thinks we’re babies.
The ride took two hours long. My head felt disastrously bored. Finally, we arrived at NASA. We were split into groups of ten. I was looking closely at the model rockets and I accidentally lost my group. I walked around until I saw Jamie. Jamie was split from his group as well. Jamie was my friend. He saw me and ran to me. His eyes were filled with fear. I had to agree that the place looked scarier without my group. We explored the corridors until we reached a station. They built a massive rocket. An elevator stood Right in front of us.
We both thought that our groups were upstairs so we took the elevator. The first thing we saw was six space suits and a rocket simulator. At least, we thought it was a simulator. Jamie thought we would pretend to be astronauts and put on the space suits. If it was a simulator, I’ll join in. We jumped around and pressed buttons. Jamie jumped and accidentally pressed the launch button. As we looked outside, a lot of smoke rushed around. I thought if it was a simulator, why was it launching? A little crack came from the ground and a big blast of power was released. It wasn’t actually a simulator… IT WAS A ROCKET!!!


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