Paranormal Murder chapter 1

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The old mansion

Just looking at the old mansion up at the hill struck fear down their spines. Number 13 Holescart Street it was built on. No one ever wanted to buy it, even with the price of £2. We lived right next to the house, staring at it every day from school. Looking at it as it was a ghost. Nothing could erase it from our minds. Not even a memory erasing gas. So, back to the story. My sister, Katie, swooped in from the kitchen holding a cup of orange juice and jumped onto the sofa. I quickly took the TV remote and turned it on before Katie could even look at it. Right in front of us was breaking news from the TV. We were dying to know what it was so we turned the volume on to 45. “Breaking news! The old mansion is now classed as a paranormal place, two people from ‘Parabusters’ claimed that they have seen a ghost. Their camera crew didn’t manage to escape and got killed. Many people say that he was killed by a lingering ghost”. I carefully switched the TV to channel 61. “PARABUSTERS! Today, we are going to look at a spooky mansion in Holecart Street. Now, hold on to your popcorn, where going in… So, right now we are passing the doorway… Argh! Stop the camera! Stop the camera!!!…….” The screen turned multicoloured and made a beeping sound. I turned to look at Katie. She froze. Opened her mouth and screamed.”AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” she shouted as loud as she could. “Mum! The man died!”She screamed. “Tom! Why would you do this to your sister? You know she’s only 7!”My mum said. “I wanted to hear the news!” I answered. “Well don’t bring her! Common sense Tom!”

I lamely walked out of the living room. Seriously, ghosts, who would think that was real. I know what you’re thinking. What kind of goofball would think ghosts are not real in a title like this? Well, to be honest, I’m already a goofball. Back to the story, when I sat on my lame chair near my lame desk, I thought about the news. I thought about what would happen. I searched on the internet to see some weaknesses of ghosts. By doing that, I saw if you spray water on some electric sources, it would strike the ghost and kill it. Quickly, I grabbed my plastic water gun and filled it downstairs on the kitchen sink. This was war.

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