sky isles part2

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While deciding to make a small camp next to the river, I scavenged through my bag trying to find something useful. After throwing out an orange flashlight, a box of scrap metal and a 4 by 4 Rubik cube, I found a small, old book lying at the very bottom of the bag. Just as I lifted it up, a small fountain pen fell out. I picked up the pen and opened the book. Strangely, this book had no writing on. I flicked through every section, every page, every line but none had any writing. As it was in my bag, I made it useful by writing a few sentences, starting off with…

Dear Diary, January 1st 8015AD
As my mission to collect the scared key, I have prepared to start on the sky isles. Coincidentally, the scared key is the only thing which could activate the neutron status activator, a weapon powerful enough to release the gravitational pull of our dear neighbour, the Andromeda galaxy. If the pull of the Andromeda gets stronger, it will ultimately destroy most of earth and its surroundings. Everyone thought that it would be easy to get the key. The only problem was that no one over the age of 20 could enter and only the most skilled could survive. That is why I, have been sent.

While I was writing, I noticed the sun setting in the distance. I decided it was time to take cover in my camp. It was a tight squeeze but enough for a good rest. As I was resting, a few thoughts swung into my head. I couldn’t sleep. Noting could make me so I leaped out of the tent and searched for some firewood to take my mind of it. The trees swayed as I picked up a few sticks. Mud squelched while I walked slowly in the woods. Suddenly, I heard something, sort of a growl. I couldn’t identify what it was. Just before I continued, I heard it again, this time more viciously. I knew that something was there. Something was definitely lurking in the darkness. I started to walk quicker and quicker. Every step I took, the creature took 10. I sped through the forest holding the firewood as hard as I could. It came closer and closer until I could actually smell its fiery breath. I quickly stopped and turned around, nothing was there. As I was near to the camp I quickly walked there and placed the firewood down. Whatever was in the forest was gone. I started a fire and grabbed a few fish in the river to cook. While I was making a small meal, I started searching through the bag to see the piece of metal which saved me twice on the vessel. I held the piece of metal and walked straight up to the nearest tree. I felt something in my arms, something that I had the power to do. Suddenly, I noticed my hand spinning the metal around. By looking at it, I knew what it was. I struck the tree as hard as I could, if I did not succeed in knocking it down, I tried again, and again, and again. The next thing I knew was that the sun had just risen on the east. I turned around to see a burnt fish for breakfast. Not bad for the first day.
I packed up and quickly set off to avoid any distractions. Just after I started to walk to the edge of the island, I heard a small beep in my bag. It sounded like… a PHONE!!! I looked quickly through my bag until I found a small container. Inside that container was a phone-like piece of metal. After I pressed the button, I heard a familiar voice. “um hello? Hey answer the phone already!”
“commander Leads?!?”

To be continued…

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