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I threw the phone on the floor and tumbled back. “Hey! Why did you throw it? The phones priceless!”I slowly approached the rusty phone and answered with a small whimper. “You are, still one the mission aren’t you Oscar.E.Lott?” I picked up the phone and afterwards replied. “Err, yeah…” Commander Leads fell silent for a bit then said “That’s good, now head for the 8th island, we’ll be watching your progress with the FWR-126… you didn’t think the vessel would disappear forever?” I managed to put on a smile before falling in anger… “Come on, you’re not angry with me still are you? Never mind, just carry on… See you later” As I put the transceiver-like phone in the cotton bag, I followed the warm water until I got to the edge. It was quite a long journey. Every single tree looked the same as the other.
While I was lazily walking around, the same growling appeared again. I turned quickly before stumbling down a big hill on the side. The next thing I knew, I was surrounded by trees. It was dark. Too dark to see anything 5 more meters away. I tried to navigate through the unilluminated forest just before the growl appeared before me. The ground shook as I lifted the metal piece. I could just see the sharp teeth of the monstrous creature. Its slick dagger-like teeth pierced into one of the trees right after I dodged to the side. The creature suddenly lunged to me swiping its dangerous claws at my whole body. I dodged continuously trying to keep my energy level high. Its eyes glared at me like a jaguar ready to unleash its full attack. My mind was quickly dizzied by its incredible melee combat. At the last minute, it struck my right arm then knocked me out. I only had a hazed view of an arrow striking on the left teeth of the creature…
I opened my eyes thinking how much time had passed. The creature was nowhere to be seen. Light pierced through the bushy trees circling the whole forest. My right arm felt tingly just as I turned around to see a big bandage wrapped around it. I didn’t know who would do this, more or less what. I got up, seeing the crusty edge of the isle and the fluffy cloud-roped bridge a kilometre away. The trees around me seemed to arch over a small pathway. It was definitely like they wanted me to follow the ridged path. I cautiously stepped forward watching my dusty shoes every second. My conscious had an unsure feeling about it while I kept walking, getting faster at every pace. The glittering cloud bridge came closer and closer. I started feeling relief for once just before I fell down a massive hole covered in a million brown sticks and dark green leaves. I landed in a pond of cold water with weeds as long as a pencil. The strange weeds covered my whole face making it almost impossible to see. My right arm felt paralyzed as I tried to take all the weeds off. The wet water frizzled the bandage until it fortunately, came off. There, was a large mark where the creature struck me. I managed to lift it up and place it on the side of the water-filled pond. The bottom of the hole looked like a small camp, two tents and a small campfire. While deciding to hide under the water, the velvet doors of one of the tents swayed up. Someone was coming…

To be continued,

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