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A flicker of light burst around the sky following a gigantic, spectacular explosion spreading around the whole observable sky. There appeared a large, pizza-shaped island covered in beautiful trees and sweet, emerald-slick grass. Although the sky island was as magnificent as a rainbow hummingbird, it emitted bright light which then separated it into 8 hex-shaped islands. The first seven surrounded a particular island which had a circle of stone figures. This circle strangely had a small pillar with a golden, floating key on top. “Like it kiddo? Don’t worry, you’ll soon be stepping on the soft grass sooner or later” replied commander leads with a surprising grin. As he slithered through a few buttons on the command pad with his hand, he grabbed a glittering computer card from his right pocket. Commander leads wore a military suit with a green rust sack and a pair of slick gloves. He had short, sticky brown hair and a stern looking face. Just before he closed the first door, I carefully approached him and tapped his left shoulder. “Yeah what?” he answered. At first, I mistakenly whimpered and closed my eyes. Then I replied saying “um… is there, any other option… then for me to go?” Commander leads turned his head facing towards me and yelled in anger. “You are the only trained soldier which is under the age of 20!” I collapsed back trying to crawl away from him but he clutched my sleeve and hurled me over his left shoulder. Leads quickly pressed the alarm activation and held me captive. Despite my disadvantage of how older he was compared to me, I kicked his leg and threw him over my whole body. A few soldiers were startled at what they saw so I took the opportunity to leap into the corridor and zoom out of sight. They were running from both ends of the corridor before I could even take another breath. Each side was a shadow approaching very quickly to my position. I quickly climbed onto the pipes on top of the ground and swung into the silver vents. Luckily, I reached just before anyone spotted me. A few minutes later, I carefully crawled through the vents until I reached the escape pads. Considering the fact that I never knew where I was going, I quickly landed on the floor and sneaked near the pods. All was going well until a soldier quickly spotted my position. “I’ve found him!” he shouted just before I dumped him in a barrel. 5 men ran into the escape pad and lifted their guns. “You’re surrounded, give yourselves up!” he exclaimed with an enthusiastic sneer. I put my hands up to distract them as I, a few seconds later, flipped up a piece of metal and held it like a weapon. The leader stared at the piece of metal then burst into laughter. “ Really?” he said. I tried to look as serious as possible. He then turned at me and pointed the gun. He then fired. Just before it hit me, I waved the piece of metal around and luckily reflected the bullet back into the gun. Suddenly, it burst into flames creating a large fire. I scrambled into one of the escape pods and clicked the main engine switch. The vessel (FWR-126) started racing down back to the earth. I struggled to activate the side and back but finally did it. Although I completed the engine activation process, the ship was falling quickly. I tried to deactivate the connection but it didn’t move an inch. 5 seconds before the gravitational pull gets stronger. I pulled with all my strength but it didn’t move. I started to feel the pull of Earth in my body. I had to do it, no matter how risky so I took the piece of metal and smashed it into the controls panel. This created a mass jet boost which, not only detached the pod from the vessel but blasted it to who knows. Wait, who knows? I quickly realized that I was not just boosting to anywhere, I was heading for the sky isles. The controls were smashed so I opened the window and jumped out. Fortunately, I landed in a soft pile of leaves above a warm stream headed for the far sides. After I got up from the landing, I heard a gigantic explosion coming from the other side of the island. At least I made it. Just another big adventure ahead.


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