TJC by Thomas Coleing

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Little Thomas Coleing was being put to bed as it was 8 o’clock. But suddenly a giant ball fell in his room and exploded into pieces. Eventhough there was a little ball left, Thomas touched it and a watch went on his arm. Suddenly he got transported to a weird place.

“Cool!” Thomas said excitedly as a small grey thingy was showing him around.
“So as you can see, this is innitiolia, and it is coronation day, so everyone get ready, OH! I almost forgot, your leading scienctist, 1st man guy,,”

“Hello boss, everything seems to be in order for your coronation,” said a young man called 1st man guy. “And, he is meant to be a adult,” he muttered. Then they took Thomas to the entrance of TJC towers.

Lots of tiny creatures called galvins and humans came to see the corenation. “TJC, by degree of the leaders, we have chosen you to be our most respected and head of the leaders and be King of…” the head galvin, Azmuth said
“I have one guestion to all of you in, whatever your planet’s name is, WHO IS TJC!” inturupted Thomas
” He will need some work one,” said 1st man guy.

Years later TJC was the best hero ever and he was relaxing in school, “I like it here, don’t you guys,” TJC said, but something was wrong at school as no one was paying attention to class because of a new kid. Some one had to do something, TJC, Ciaran, Matthew, Rowan, Noah, Daniel, John and Josh decided what to do.

“Hey buffy, yes you in the shorts, catch me if you can!” said TJC’s friends. Meanwhile TJC was breaking the caniisters keeping everyone else in.
“I will save you guys,” he said. But it was to late. The new kid had TJC

“Hello Mr Buffy, it is great to see you,” TJC said.
“TJC, IS TIME TO BE KILLED!” said the new kid.
TJC hit his bell and a galvin poped out his head.
“What the heck,” said TJC
“There is much to learn about the innitiolia wars.

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